Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Insert Title Here

Some random guy just tried to Friend me on Facebook.

In his profile pic, he is standing next to the wreckage of a small airplane that has crashed nose down.

Two of my brothers died when their plane crashed, nose down, at a small airport just outside of Denver, CO.

I am not crying, but I feel curiously . . pale. And shaky. And I keep telling myself that this is nothing more than an odd coincidence that feels like a bad joke.

And now I am crying.


David said...

I am so sorry Mel

Melanie K said...

Thanks. It was just weird. I'm ok :)

sharon said...

Somebody has a sick sense of humor. I am so sorry Melanie. I'm glad you let it roll off.

Melanie K said...

No, no! It was just a weird coincidence! There's no way he could have known.

Kathy Schrenk said...

A lot of people have really stupid facebook profile pics

Melanie K said...

I know. But we live near a small airport, so it's something i have to think about every day, whether i want to/was going to or not. so it was just . . . odd. i thought about sending a link to this post, but that would have just been . . . is "asshole-ish" a word? ")