Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Poop Story

By now you've probably seen the list of things that Kairos has eaten. There's no telling what else he's ingested that we missed.

After his breakfast this morning I took him out to go to the bathroom. The last couple of times he'd had a little bit of trouble making things work. He would assume the position and then just move his tail up and down, as if he were working an old-fashioned water pump. It was the same today: he just stood there, waiting, moving his tail up and down; waiting, moving his tail up and down some more.

Finally! There was a bit--a tiny poop. More of a nugget, really. He moved to a different patch and continued his efforts. The neighbor came out of his side gate, scaring Kairos, who spun around, sending a sock whipping from his butt.

Two days ago, I saw him throw up what looked like either a sock or a napkin. Before I could get to it, he swallowed it again. I hope that this was the sock that he just pooped out and that there isn't another one in there somewhere.

And I still don't know where or when he found the sock. I do know that, because some of the sock poop got stuck to him and he won't left me wipe it off and he keeps trying to wipe it on the floor, I'm going to have the groomers shave his butt today.


Andi said...

That is so great! If only he is in your life to keep it interesting and have something to make you laugh. He is a sweet dog, just a puppy, much like my son. I love Jack but don't understand him or why he does the things he does.

Melanie K said...

, well, at least you haven't had to pull a ribbon out of jack's b u t t. yet ;)

Janie said...

I got here off the Urban Chickens blog -- don't mind my peanut-gallery 2 cents, but you are just hysterical. You have such a brilliant, charming way of writing...the peninsula is such a boring hole sometimes, it's awesome to know there's people having this much fun *somewhere* in my neck of the woods!

Melanie K said...

Thank you, Janie! You just made my day! Come here and add your peanut- gallery 2 cents any time you like :)