Monday, February 23, 2009

Inadvertently Inappropriate, part II

1. Hannah, on seeing a photo of a model:

Mommy, why is her skirt all the way up to her vagina?

Why indeed, peanut.

2. Charlotte, still unable to pronounce the blended sound, "ow":

Mommy! You c[o]unt! You c[o]unt! One, two, three . . . .

Her speech therapist didn't understand at first why I thought this an important thing to work on. But once I told her that this had been yelled at me in a crowded store and in a coffee shop, she figured it out.


Anonymous said...

a lovely sip of riesling nearly exited through my nose upon reading this post. thanks, i think. :)

Melanie K said...

you're welcome! we aim to please :)

gwendomama said...

bwahahahahaha. that was so close to home.

can i even mention the number of times that i have said to the daddy: oh wow. remember when he COULDN'T TALK?