Monday, October 06, 2008

Random Thought to Begin the Week

If by some twist of cosmic insanity McCain/Pain wins the election, perhaps Starbucks will be good enough to start printing foreign policy tidbits on its cups so that the Palin can at least try to get it right.


gwendomama said...

I once learned the entire periodic table of elements because it was in the bathroom of a house I rented.

I think SP could use a little bathroom reading.

uncle wally said...

speaking of Starbucks, did you see this?

Melanie K said...

@ gwendomama I read Sir Edmund Hillary's book about climbing Mt Everest. The periodic table prob would have been more useful, but not as engaging :)

@uncle wally one more reason I only drink Peet's :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Melanie,

I just left this post on Obama's Website.

Wanted to give you a quick slogan to help you out.

McCain and Palin...the bid to nowhere.

What do you think?


NursePam said...

HA! That's perfect. I like how you think.

Melanie K said...

@ john I like it! Too bad Obama is trying to focus on the issues ;)