Monday, January 28, 2008

Hannah’s First Ditch Day

We went to Disneyland over Super Bowl(R)(TM)(C) weekend last year—the first time for me as well as for the girls—and it was so much fun. We lucked out twice: first because the park was sparsely attended, what with the Big Game(R)(TM)(C) and all, and second because the weather was almost too nice—sunny and hot. We had to buy shorts and hats for the girls. We decided to take a chance on the weather and go again this year. I am SO excited! Ahem. Of course by that, I mean that I am excited to see Hannah’s reaction when we tell her why she doesn’t have to go to school on Friday. It’s actually kind of silly how excited I am to tell her, to see her beautiful little face light up. (Charlotte already knows, but Hannah misinterprets the signs “mouse” and “house/home” as Charlotte saying that she wants to watch Mickey Mouse Playhouse.)

I could have just called Hannah in sick on Monday, but at my age I felt completely ridiculous lying to a teacher—not that I was ever good at it anyway. There was also the certainty that Hannah would go in on Tuesday screaming, “I went to Disneyland!” So I finally worked up the nerve to ask if it was sort of, maybe, ok if we, you know, hypothetically speaking, took Hannah out of school for a day to go to Disneyland. After laughing at me, Mrs. B assured me that it would be ok, to just call Hannah in sick on Monday. I decided to push my luck by coming back a couple of days later, saying that we might want to leave on Friday morning instead of afternoon. So, you know, Hannah wouldn’t be in on Friday either.

I already liked Mrs. B, but I will now say without hesitation that she is the teacher I would have liked to have when I was a child. And saying “It’s kindergarten—just go already!” was just icing.


Pranayama mama said...

have fun!

hey, if it's any consolation, we take the kids out of school for an entire week this time of year. an extended mid-winter break, so to speak.

their teachers don't seem to mind at this age.

diyfather said...

Hi - have just come across your site. I'm Eric from - we are an online interactive forum for fathers based in New Zealand.

I was wondering whether you might be interested in a link exchange or posting a monthly summary of father related issues from our blog.

Melanie K said...

Hi, Eric--Thanks for visiting!

I'd be very happy to add you to my blog roll, but I must say that my visitors would get more out of your site than perhaps would yours from mine. If that makes sense. You have lots of great and useful information; I've been mired in politics for a bit--and US politics at that :)

But if you have a summary, please feel free to send it along.